5 Minute Linguist Competition Video

See below for the recording for the 5 Minute Linguist (5ML) competition, emceed by John McWhorter, at the Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting in New York City. The aim of the competition to communicate a research project to a general audience in just 5 minutes (and with no notes!). 

We are thrilled that two talks selected as finalists were from our lab!
Talk 1 (0:00 – 8:22)
Michelle Cohn
 (University of California, Davis): Phonologically motivated phonetic repair strategies in Siri- and human-directed speech

Talk 2 (9:45 – 15:43) 
Bruno Ferenc Segedin
 (University of California, Davis) & Georgia Zellou (University of California, Davis): Lexical frequency mediates compensation for coarticulation: Are the seeds of sound change word-specific?

Congratulations to the other presenters, as well!

  • Andrew Cheng (University of California, Berkeley): Style-shifting, Bilingualism, and the Koreatown Accent
  • Kristin Denlinger (University of Texas, Austin) & Michael Everdell (University of Texas, Austin): A Mereological Approach to Reduplicated Resultatives in O’dam
  • Jessi Grieser (University of Tennessee): Talking Place, Speaking Race: Topic-based style shifting in African American Language as an expression of place identity
  • Kate Mesh (University of Haifa): Gaze decouples from pointing as a result of grammaticalization: Evidence from Israeli Sign Language
  • Jennifer Schechter (University at Buffalo): What Donald Trump’s ‘thoughts’ reveal: An acoustic analysis of 45’s coffee vowel
  • Ai Taniguchi (Carleton University): Why we say stuff

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