I recently received my Ph.D. in Linguistics at UC Davis. I am currently working on projects related to how individuals engage with voice-activated artificially intelligent (voice-AI) devices, such as Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri.

Working with Dr. Georgia Zellou (PI: UC Davis Phonetics Lab, Dept. of Linguistics), we are conducting a series of psycholinguistic experiments to test whether individuals engage with these devices in similar ways as they do with other humans. I am also currently collaborating with Dr. Zhou Yu (PI: UC Davis Language and Multimodal Interaction Lab, Dept. of Computer Science) on projects related to the Amazon Alexa Prize chatbot, Gunrock.

When I’m not researching,¬†teaching undergraduates, or helping put on workshops, I enjoy kayaking on Sugar Pine Reservoir, camping in the Tahoe Forest, and slowly¬†teaching myself Franz Liszt’s ‘Liebestraum’ on the piano.