I’m a postdoctoral researcher at UC Davis.

My research investigates how individuals engage with voice-activated artificially intelligent (voice-AI) systems, such as Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri.

NSF Postdoc Fellowship

I am thrilled to be a PI for a two-year NSF-funded postdoctoral research fellowship with Dr. Georgia Zellou (Linguistics), Dr. Zhou Yu (Computer Science), and Katharine Graf Estes (Psychology) to explore human-voice AI interaction. 

(You can reach more about the project here!)

Voice-AI interaction

How do we adjust our speech toward Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant? Do we exhibit pro-social behavior toward these systems? How do we perceive human-like elements from these devices (e.g., emotion)? …read more!

Music & speech

Is individual variation in speech perception shaped by a person’s musical experience? …read more!

Dialectal variation

How do sociolinguistic patterns of change come about across different parts of California? Across different age groups? … read more!


Virtual Picnic Day 2020

This year’s Picnic Day is going 100% digital in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, a small team of talented RAs (Patty Sandoval, Julian Rambob, Mia Gong, and Marlene Andrade) helped me create Virtual Booth videos! See the other Virtual Picnic Day events here!

Interspeech 2020

We are thrilled to have several papers accepted to the 2020 Interspeech conference: Cohn, M., & Zellou, G. “Perception of concatenative vs. neural text-to-speech (TTS): Differences in intelligibility in noise and language attitudes” Cohn, M., Sarian, M., Predeck, K., & Zellou, G. “Individual variation in language attitudes toward voice-AI: The role of listeners’ autistic-like traits”… Continue reading Interspeech 2020

Cogsci 2020 (Virtual) Talk

Embodiment and gender interact in alignment to TTS voices (CogSci 2020) UC Davis-KTH Collaboration: Michelle Cohn (UCD), Patrik Jonell (KTH), Taylor Kim (UCD), Jonas Beskow (KTH), Georgia Zellou (UCD)

CogSci 2020 Papers

We are thrilled that three of our papers have been accepted to the 2020 Cognitive Science Society Meeting! Cohn, M., Jonell, P., Kim, T., Beskow, J., Zellou, G. Embodiment and gender interact in alignment to TTS voices. Zellou, G., & Cohn, M. Top-down effects of apparent humanness on vocal alignment toward human and device interlocutors.… Continue reading CogSci 2020 Papers

LSA 2020

We’ll present two projects at the annual Linguistic Society of America (LSA) meeting in January: California listeners’ patterns of partial compensation for coarticulatory /u/-fronting is influenced by the apparent age of the speaker (Aleese Block, Michelle Cohn, Georgia Zellou) Conversational role influences speech alignment toward digital assistant and human voices (Georgia Zellou, Michelle Cohn, Tyler… Continue reading LSA 2020


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