Finalists for 5 Minute Linguist!

We were thrilled to learn that two talks from our lab have been selected as finalists to compete in the 5 Minute Linguist (ML) competition at the Linguistic Society of America (LSA) meeting in 2019.

  • Phonologically motivated phonetic repair strategies in Siri- and human- directed speech​. Presenter: Michelle Cohn 
  • Lexical frequency mediates compensation for coarticulation: Are the seeds of sound change word-specific? Presenters: Bruno Ferenc Segedin & Georgia Zellou.
Click here to see the official finalist announcement: 

“The Five-Minute Linguist is a high-profile event which features eight LSA members giving lively and engaging presentations about their research in a manner accessible to the general public….These five-minute presentations will be judged by a panel of journalists as well as the audience itself, and a winner will be chosen at the end of the event.​ The goal of this event is to encourage LSA members to practice presenting their work to a broad audience and to showcase outstanding examples of members who can explain their research in an accessible way.”[]   

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