Interspeech 2020

We are thrilled to have several papers accepted to the 2020 Interspeech conference:

  • Cohn, M., & Zellou, G. “Perception of concatenative vs. neural text-to-speech (TTS): Differences in intelligibility in noise and language attitudes”
  • Cohn, M., Sarian, M., Predeck, K., & Zellou, G. “Individual variation in language attitudes toward voice-AI: The role of listeners’ autistic-like traits”
  • Zellou, G., & Cohn, M. “Social and functional pressures in vocal alignment: Differences for human and voice-AI interlocutors”

Including one for the new collaboration between UC Davis and Saarland University:

  • Cohn, M., Raveh, E., Predeck, K., Gessinger, I., Möbius, B., Zellou, G. “Differences in Gradient Emotion Perception: Human vs. Alexa Voices”

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