CogSci 2020 Papers

We are thrilled that three of our papers have been accepted to the 2020 Cognitive Science Society Meeting!

  • Cohn, M., Jonell, P., Kim, T., Beskow, J., Zellou, G. Embodiment and gender interact in alignment to TTS voices.

While at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden) in September 2019, I met up with Dr. Jonas Beskow (pictured in the center), co-founder of Furhat Robotics, and Ph.D. student Patrik Jonell (pictured on the right). Together with Georgia Zellou and Taylor Kim, we’re conducting a study to test the role of embodiment and gender in human’s voice-AI interaction with three platforms: Amazon Echo, Nao, and Furhat. 
  • Zellou, G., & Cohn, M. Top-down effects of apparent humanness on vocal alignment toward human and device interlocutors.
  • Zellou, G., Cohn, M., Block, A. Top-down effect of speaker age guise on perceptual compensation for coarticulatory /u/-fronting.

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