I served as a Teaching Assistant (TA), Associate Instructor (AI) and Reader for 16 quarters during my graduate studies.

  • Associate Instructor
    • Intro to Linguistics (LIN 1)
    • Linguistic Analysis I: Phonetics, Phonology, Morphology (LIN 103a)
  • Teaching Assistant
    • Intro to Linguistics (LIN 1, 1Y Hybrid course)
    • Linguistic Analysis I: Phonetics, Phonology, Morphology (LIN 103a)
    • Linguistic Analysis II: Morphology, Syntax, Semantics (LIN 103b)
    • Intro to Phonological Theory (LIN 111)
    • English Grammar (LIN 106)
    • Historical Linguistics (LIN 151),
    • Language Universals & Typology (LIN 152)
    • Intro to Public Speaking (COM 1)
  • Reader
    • Intro to Phonological Theory (LIN 111)

In 2015, I won an Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award from
UC Davis Graduate Studies!

Philosophy of Teaching

I strongly believe in learner-centered teaching (Weimer, 2002)—a pedagogical approach that I have practiced as a teaching assistant (TA) and associate instructor (AI) at UC Davis. My goal is for students to think like scientists — driven by curiosity, not solely by a point value. While graded assessments are still important ways measure learning, I believe their initial exposure to a concept should be rooted in exploration. 

I thought she did an excellent job answering questions and appealing to various ways of learning (e.g.: hands-on, visual, etc.) through different methods of presenting the material like activities and videos.
-Student evaluations (Instructor, LIN 1: Intro to Linguistics)


The instructor was one of the most organized and prepared professors I have taken at UCD. She made the material very understandable, simplified and fun. I really enjoyed that she taught the course in a way that everyone could understand it.
-Student evaluation (Instructor, LIN 103A: Phonetics, Phonology, Morphology)

Mentoring voice-AI projects

I have additionally co-mentored graduate and undergraduate projects exploring human-voice AI interaction. Here are a couple examples at the 2019 UC Davis Undergraduate Research Conference!