Student Success Service

I am very passionate about supporting undergraduates in their journey through higher education. As a TA and instructor, I noticed that students were coming to my office hours with the same dilemmas and concerns year after year. I realized that I may be able to do more — and reach more students — at a higher level, through programs and/or policy.

This interest has led me to two internships: at the Sacramento City College Transfer Center and the UC Davis Learning Strategies Center (Office of Educational Opportunity and Enrichment Services, formerly the Student Academic Success Center). In both, I worked closely with coordinators to develop and facilitate new workshops to address obstacles to student success (e.g., social difficulties in transferring, communicating with professors, etc.).

To support undergraduates through policy, I served as the Graduate Student representative to the Undergraduate Council on the UC Davis Academic Senate (November 2017 – June 2018) to contribute to conversations about university-wide policies affecting students (e.g., General Education requirements, pathways to meet the writing requirement, sick notes, and more).

SCC Transfer Center

Sacramento City College

I also worked with Maristella Bacod, coordinator of the Transfer Center at Sacramento City College, as a Graduate Student Intern to develop workshops and peer support to help students anticipate and prepare for the social, academic, and psychological challenges of transferring to a 4-year university, such as UC Davis or CSU Sacramento.

Past Workshops

  • The Amazing Race: Making the Transition from Community College to the University
    • Combined UCD/CSUS Panel. April 3, 2018
    • UC Davis Student Panelists. February 6, 2018
    • Sacramento State University (CSUS) Student Panelists. December 5, 2017
  • Success Strategies for International Students
    • Workshop #1: Creating personal and professional connections. March 13, 2018
    • Workshop #2: Finding support. April 17, 2018

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Workshop topics:

  • Transitioning from semester to quarter system; the fast pace of the quarter system
  • How to find support services at the university
  • Fitting in; adjusting to university life
  • What to expect in upper division courses
  • Tips on getting through your first quarter/semester as a transfer student
  • How to research careers and internship
  • Time management – balancing work, school, and campus organizations/activities
  • How to get involved in research at the university

UCD Learning Strategies Center


I also served as a Graduate Student Intern in the Study Skills Program at the UC Davis Student Academic Success Center (SASC).

As part of my internship, I worked closely with Annalisa Teixeira, the Study Skills coordinator, to develop two new workshops (Developing and Delivering Presentations, Communicating with Professors) in the Winter quarter and pilot them with the Study Skills team in the Spring quarter.

To gain experience advising and mentoring students, I also met with students in one-on-one Study Skills appointments for 2 hours a week.

In April, I had the opportunity to facilitate two workshops at the UC Davis Study Skills Conference, “Study smarter, not harder” and “Maximizing lecture”.

Facilitating the workshop on ‘Study smarter, not harder’ at the 2018 Study Skills Conference (UC Davis)