Regional dialect variation: California English

I am also interested in shifts in speech production and perception related to regional dialect variation in California English.

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California Vowel Shift (Podesva, 2011)

Michelle Cohn, left; Georgia Zellou, right

Along with Dr. Georgia Zellou, Dr. Santiago Barreda, and Ph.D. student Chloe Brotherton, we did an acoustic analysis of /æ/ (TRAP-N) raising, diphthongization, and nasalization across three subregions in California. We recently published this work (Brotherton et al., 2019) and presented it at ICPhS 2019 in Melbourne, Australia.

Currently, Dr. Georgia Zellou and Ph.D. student Aleese Block and I have been working on a project examining whether listeners have different compensation for coarticulation for /u/ (GOOSE) fronting depending on the apparent age of the California English speaker (using older vs. younger guises). Aleese presented this work at CAMP3 in Santa Cruz (during a power outage!) and will present it at the 2020 Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting.

Aleese Block presenting via handout during the power outage